You have yet to see me shinning

So, back at home now, I've been keeping myself distracted with packing, and errands. Today my Daddy P needed my driving skill - he's not good at driving on the left side of the road - he had a meeting with a colleague, and I got to sit in on it. It was super cool listening to two mondo science geeks explaining a million equations with regards to something even geekier.

I've had some words echoing in my mind...

I ride in on the train

Everyday is the same old thing

It's 9 to 5

Don't know if I'm dead already


I'm lookin for a hallelujah

I need a little something special

My walls are grey

Makes me feel like I live in a cave

I'm wearing fear

And when tomorrow comes i'll do it all again...

Momma, Daddy P and SeeSee got back from the south coast this weekend, they brought a treat or two for me. Our town in hillbilly rural down there has the cutest antique market on a saturday, where they found my little mini suitcase.

Also, my favourite

Mad Hatter

sent me up a summery straw hat and other shizz for SeeSee and I to do some advertising work.

I can do the whole hillbilly thing...

Last night,


FB status prompted me to rewatch Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, and I forgot how much I love it!


It always seems to take something huge to shake your world before you realise that you're totally and utterly in love with your best friend.

Have a fab week, thank you millions for your lovely comments, I adore each and every one of your pretty blogs!



Lyrics: Wilshire's Special




Dress: PerUna

Cardi: MissSelfridge