Walls of Rhododendrons

You know those warm stuffy evenings? 

The ones where the air is thick and sticky. 

The ones just before the heavens open to a thunderous downpour.

Well, they're my favourite kind of evenings. Just as the temperatures drop, the air goes crisp, and the birds fall silent. 

We wound our way amongst the walls of rhododendrons, in full bloom, with the hum of bees pollinating. 

The petals so soft like silk and so subtle in colour. The kind of deep colour which seems to come before a storm. 

We have a small terrace garden in our home in the second city. Each summer I fill the pots with more and more hydrangeas. 

As we plan to pack up our lives ready for the next move to an Oxfordshire village, I wonder about the work we will do on the new place. 

It's a terrace cottage from 1856, with high ceilings and long narrow rooms. Moving from the open space of the loft into lots of small rooms will be such an adjustment. Andrew has been working on structural plans already, coming up with new rooms, extension ideas, creating big light living space. 

Right now, my mind is in the garden. The last owner had created a beautiful English garden over the 50/60 years she had lived in the house. Along the back wall are crab apple trees, over a century old and when we first visited, they were in full spring bloom. 

There's a huge magnolia tree central to the garden, I can't wait for spring next year to capture the beauty of it. 

Leaving the industrial brickwork of the city will be heartfelt, but a little quiet space and a new project feels exciting. 

I look forward to the chaos, the entropy, the feeling of something new on the horizon. 

After ambling amongst the rhododendrons in bloom, I wonder about floral prints, wall papers, upholstery, all in statement print. 

I wonder whether these hazy tones can be duplicated on custom print. 

Andrew listens as I explain these ideas, I want to mimic the greenery and pastel depths. Hand in hand he stops and asks "well why don't we plant you a wall of flowers?" 

I think about it a little, but thoughts are interrupted by a few dense drops, then the heavens open. The dogs race back to heel as we jog back to the car, turning the heating on high while the two pups shiver.