It's a bright and pretty day. The sun is beaming, I'm curled up listening to the rabied birds tweet.


Years ago I wrote a wee ensemble called "feel the magic" it's playing in my head and I can't find the recording. Up until three years ago, I've played the piano since I was four. I'm going to touch the keys again this summer.

The other day SeeSee took these....

The cheapy shoes are also very cute, I spend my days in heels, I'm very small!

SeeSee's handbag is very lovely too, she's a very spoilt little youngin.

Things are all getting packed up in my home. Junk is being thrown and times are a changing. I'm moving out of Birmingham next month. I have a super big surprise that I'm just bursting to tell, but family superstician dictates I can't until it happens.

Saying that, I was packing up some junk in my wardrobe, I'm all pretty black and white. Maybe thirty percent of my stuff is black and at lest fifty percent white.

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Dress: Top Shop

Bag: SeeSee's Gucci

Scarf: A sweet twee Parisan Market

The awesome


gave me this sweet award, I love her blog, it's very inspiring and filled with beautiful clothes.


I have two very lovely ladies I'd like to pass this to becuase their comments are always adored.

Alexandra Jane



Have a great weekend xoxo