Oxford Comma

What better way to top a week of antics with a shotgun trip down to Oxford to catch up with your lovely pretentious buddies...

The soundtrack included Chuck Bass's Brit Band

The Filthy Youth

The totally stunning old school lifestyle is fantastic. The bikes, the culture, everything is just a reminder of the people who moulded the world with their academic excellence.

The chap of target was the delightful Ting, dressed for the 80's night that I missed becuase he poisened me.

I was merry, I had my wonderful Banana Republic dress on, the toons were fab. But... I'm allergic to shelled sea food, and sharing his cigar after he had some cheapy crab sticks, nicht good.

Now though, I'm packing for my travels. I have the nicest

little note

book that I'm going to fill with my tales.