Bubble Wrap

Oh Peepes, I can't begin to explain my week. I have 120m of bubble wrap and a lingering hangover, which started 3 years ago.


The other night SeeSee and my parents neglected us and so we had to forage. This is what we came up with...

Momma's home made vegetable soup with Matzos crackers

A Huuuge salad and lots of Dr Stuarts and Tropicana

Needless to say, we managed to survive.

Other than starvation, I've been having little dates with IB, it's weird not living together when we're at home but it's fun dating like little kids.

Mumsy Wumsy and I headed around rural while waiting for Daddy P at the dentist, we strolled past a cemetary and these two doves were Tre creepy!



Teenage pornstars

Living for nothing now

Nightlife baby


Look out, shape up

Boy you got to turn around

And wake up honey



I've been playing driver for my Daddy P, taking him off for appointments, meetings and all that. While waiting for him in wee towns around the Shire, my Momma and I have been indulging in our favourite habit.

Why is something so obvious so elusive?

There is nothing on the menu that will turn abusive

I am part of the problem

Not the solution

Have you heard the news?

Bad things come in twos.

But I never knew

'Bout the little things.

Every single day

Things get in my way.

Someone has to pay

For the little things.


I'm pretty sure I'm following the real MK on Twitter, last night her posts were awesome, she was trashed. I have a little more respect for her.

She had the eyes of an angel

With a heart like a traitor

And a gun with a trigger

In her hand pointed at her

We always knew you'd go up in flames

We always you'd go out with a bang


Words: MSI, Danny Elfman, The Sounds, Dressed for Friend Requests


Shoes: Warehouse

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Scarf: SeeSee's

Tights: Zara