Inches of love

So today I was RUTHLESS in terms of throwing clothes in charity bags. Momma and I decided to give a million bags to our favourite junk shop where I've found the best vintage finds.

I worked in an Oxfam shop for about three years while I was at school, and every brand name is listed in what they call a wee Oxfam bible, where you price donations in accordance with the name. Suck, that's so not right. £19.99 for second hand clarkes shoes? Idiots. The place we gave to doesn't give a dang and everything is equal - fab!

After a wonderful mirror find, we nipped to TKMAX for more rummaging, I popped into a cheapy shop nextdoor and found these FECKING awesome mock Balmains for, da da da daaaa £15.

Oh love xoxo


Dress: Manoush,

Scarf: Zara

Jacket: Superdry

Shoes: PEACOCKS!!!!