Hello very lovely people! May I introduce you to my bike Audrey...

She's very cute and a pretty dusty purple, she was Indie Boy's Mummy's bike. That's sweet!

I've been boxing up my dresses and gowns. This was my 2007 Christmas Day Dress. Again, it's vintage and cost pennies, but I do love it so!

So far, it's been a fab week! These are a few things that I'm a





21st Birthday today! We're celebrating our 10 year anniversary,


for a dang long time.

*The photo's from


stunning blog

*Receiving letters from my wonderful family in South Africa. My grandparents out there are the most amazing people, always an inspiration.


*Also, joining my mother hen for her morning gym


, it's intense and I feel damaged.


What are


loving this week?!

Images: WeHeartIt




with a blog name that always puts Journey in my head for the day (not complaining, hell I love that song), gave me a very pretty little gift...


Chicken Helen: An awesome new blog that's going to be a huge daily read for you all.

Heart Shaped Morning: I BIG HEART Chloe who has found a wonderful position at the most amazing vintage shop Grey Stone Gardens.

Smart Scruffy Fashion: The nextFashionToastperhaps? (Also awarded, I can't get enough Toast)!

Lenore: Fantastic Style, check her out

There are also these blogs which are a daily fix, it's great to indulge in lovely sophisticated tastes of CC, ...Love Megan and the Underfunded Heiress

Kristen: The most amazing selection of inspiration!

Have a super awesome week