Backyard Wedding Ceremony Preparations

On the morning of our wedding in La Flocelliere, we started things as every backyard wedding should start. With pancakes and endless champagne... 

From the second floor in La Bergelliere, we could hear laugher and clinking, the delicious smell of breakfast rose it's way up too. From the tower I raced through the corridor, popping my head into the bedrooms as I passed Breakfast? 

We opened the doors to the huge kitchen, greeted by three very excited dogs and two nephews incredibly excited by breakfast pancakes - and ice cream, for breakfast, because it's your second wedding day! Explained Noah, my nephew and fellow pancakter. 

First thing's first though... 

With the fridges filled with bottles of old favourites and new tastes, we got to work on picking our favourite tipple... 

5Q5A2215 1000.jpg

We sipped, clinked our glasses in celebration and excitement for the day ahead. 

Of course, with all the choices, we had to try a glass of each. Comparing the dry tastes and deliciously sweet infusions. 

Now, any day that starts this way sets things up to be pretty spectacular... 

We munched our way through trays of fresh fruit, pancakes, ice cream and savoury indulgences. 

While the dogs watched on, waiting hopefully for that piece of cheese to accidentally fall.. 

No such luck though Tuppence! 

With our laugher infused with champagne bubbles and bellies full, we got to work planning the day ahead. We had been working with a lovely celebrant to come up with a very personal and intimate humanist ceremony and knot tying ceremony. She was due at 3pm and the Chef due at 5 for a 6pm sitting. 

Tasks were shared, seating arrangements confirmed and with blue skies above we were most definitely going to be outside! 

We unpacked and hung some lovely paper chains and decorations while our mothers arranged beautiful tablescapes... 

And the men structurally secured the hanging elements of it all... 

Then, with mellow soundtracks playing, glasses refilled, we got to work beneath the tree... 

We had ordered a whole lot of paper pom poms which took a little coordination to set up, 

Then hung them from the branches above, 

I have to admit, in a champagne haze, I wasn't all that focused on the pom poms and decor. 

Everyone did such a fantastic job though, and I was so entirely grateful, 

I got distracted by my father and his brother, my uncle and godfather. 

They pottered through the garden, talking and engaged in conversation. It was early afternoon and Monica my aunt called out to them to remind us all that time was restricted now and we didn't have long before the afternoon would begin. 

We gathered, came up with a plan to get ready and then dress the dogs in their beautiful little collars. 

Then, Roger, my uncle said I really fancy a pint

Before we knew it, we were making our way through the gardens and house fancy a pint on the corner? 

Just at the far end of the Chateau perimeter was a small pub and bar.

We ended up outside, sipping Kronenburg and chatting away. I looked at the time and was aware that Magali our celebrant would soon be arriving. Just as that thought passed, she drove past, quickly checking her watch the ceremony is still at 3pm oui?

She joined us, we chatted and then realised that it really was time to prepare for the ceremony...