Into the woods

After a visit to my favourite hatters Snooks (The name isn't coincidental, it's been in the family since 1896) I was stocked up on headwear and ready for a puppy walk. 

I always veer more towards mens hats, which then makes size finding a mission in itself. This one is made in the uk and is full wool with a leather band. 

Pssst... my Barbour boots are on sale here - they're a steal! They're everything that they look like - snug, durable, weatherproof... and perfect for a dog walk followed by pub stop. 

Apollo was out on the bike with Andy, but Aura is a little too small to do any forced running. Her limbs are still fusing and we're limited to how much we can walk her. At the moment half an hour is our maximum time with her but as the months go by it will increase incrementally. 

She does great on heel and recall, she's learning to retrieve short distances and bring balls and sticks back and drop into your hand. She does tend to get cold, so on early morning walks we still put her jacket on. It was one we picked up last year from Paws by the Lake in Ambleside in the Lake District. 

Kitted out, we ambled through the woods, she chased her nose, returning with feathers from pheasants and dropping them by my feet in excitement. 

... then sniffing out what might have been in the woods during the night. 

... while always remaining on alert, waiting for the illusive postman! 

After our half hour was up we returned back to the car, ready to head home to a warm cup of tea.

I popped the kettle on, 

Aura helped herself to bed... bed 

Then mindtricked me with her soppy eyes. 

So I gave in and left her happy on the bed. The training was going so well... 

... eh herm...