Through the hills

As is so often the case when renovating, one thing leads to another, you try to install new lighting and the ceiling collapses... or find that one seemingly easy fix opens up a can of worms, in this case wood worm. 

It's all part of the fun though, and it's such a great learning experience, I'm discovering how to push my personal limits, learning that patience can be increased, understanding that not every solution involves a hammer to eradicate the problem.

Anyway, with the Chiltern hills practically in the backyard has been utter bliss. When the paint fumes get too much or we need to clear the mind, we grab the leads and head out. 

The paths wind their way through ever changing landscapes and no walk is ever the same. 

Apollo and Aura love the space, he begs for ball throws at any opportunity... holding his point... 

Then stalking up to the ball... 

When he's tired he drops the ball for me to throw. That way his runs aren't as far out as when Andrew launches the ball with an overarm bowl. 

Hey ho, as long as you try your best right?