A Lofty Love Affair

The place we call home right now is a city centre loft in an old factory building. It's a beautiful conversion with unique homes and a great bunch of people. One of our neighbours is a lovely Frenchie Staffy cross - Miss Cosy, who's humans are pretty lovely too - Fay is a an awesome illustrator. Anyway, the two dogs had become instagram buddies, had a play date, and completely fell in love. 

Apollo adores Cosy's beautiful bunny ears and big wide smile. 

They played relentlessly together - chasing balls and sticks. 

They are both super fast, chasing after one another and keeping on the heels of the other. 

They bow down at one another to instigate play... 

Taking turns at leading play. 

And then of course attempting to win the stick game... 

Ahh you two gorgeous pups <3