Countryside Walks


Reluctantly he breaks his point to turn his attention to us... "leave!" 

The little rabbit ceases the opportunity to run back to safety... 

The thing about hunting dogs, is that, well, they're hunting dogs. Apollo is developing a keen interest in wild game, but, he's well fed at home and there's no need to source his own. 

It's golden hour and the summer air is cool. 

As we so often do, we walk without direction. The two dogs run out, we follow them. 

Apollo always seems to steer his way towards water... He does his best enticing stare to make sure we follow... "On!

He follows command, then Aura follows him. 

They race through the trees, we hear SPLASH! 

They chase one another along the waters edge... 

...then through the mud turned up by cows earlier in the day. 

Aura, knee deep in mud tries to be more doberman than vizsla, but she'll get a wipedown before getting in the car. 

Leaving the lakeside, the water falls still... 

We continue walking, heading through the woods as the sun touches the horizon. 

Aura listens tentatively to the sounds in the hedgerow... 

Inevitably she disturbs a group of Muntjac deer who are as surprised to see us as we are them. 

Too engulfed in the moment I forget to lift the camera. 

The breeze settles as do our heart rates from the deer encounter. 

The grass falls still... 

Aura nestles herself in the grass... sitting... waiting... 

Then as Apollo loops past her... POUNCE! 

They race around one another, her chasing him, he chasing her. 

Until eventually, panting and exhausted, she goes on lead to heel home. 

Her focus is intense... 

... she watches with intent... 

... but don't worry little guy, I've got her on lead, she won't get you.