Time waits for no Viz'

When the dog needs a walk, the dog needs a walk. 

Through most of the day, he sleeps happily, waking occasionally to groan and eat. 

Evenings we head out on a long walk with him. 

Often around 7.30-8pm he will beg for a stroll or a good run... 

So, off we go, come rain or shine. Luckily, most evenings of late it's been lovely and sunny still. 

We head out, sunset is fast approaching earlier and earlier. 

Soon the leaves will fall, covering paths with blankets of golden hues. 

For now, Apollo leaps and bounds through the soft heather. He gets better at retrieving each time we work him. Hiding objects and sending him to find is a favourite game of his. At home, he'll bring us Larry the Lamb and beg us to play. 

Outdoors, he retrieves and rushes back with pride and excitement. 

Confidently, he runs ahead, checking the path as we go. 

We wind our way through the tress and dense vegetation. 

Before heading home and calling it a day. 

Let me tell you about my little trinkets and watch! The Seiko was from my late Grandmother, it was her daily little timepiece. I had always loved the simplicity of it, the clean hour and minute hands, gently ticking with great reliability. 

As a momento of family, my sister, cousin and I - Grandma's only grandchildren, bought three matching little Joma Jewellery bracelets from Cilla and Camilla in Bridport. I love these little stacking bracelets, they are so so cute (and this watch is also pretty lovely too!). 

Andrew found this cute little Raw Exclusive bracelet, simple and robust in design, and a lovely little reminder of love.

Stacking wristfulls of little memories has become an obsession, tiny reminders of places, people, events.