Leaps and Bounds

After a few weeks of illness, me with a stuffy cold and Apollo with a paw which he sliced, we've been loving getting outside again! 

Gaining strength on his foot after a ten day bandage, we've kept Apollo on a lead for the majority of his walks, building up his strength again while making sure that he's not over doing it. 

While Aura on the other hand, does what she does best - follows her nose! 

The fields surrounding the house are shifting into life after a long cold winter. 

Little rabbits, hares, deer are waking from hibernation and we often watch them from across a field. Taking a moment to acknowledge one another, then returning to our own paths. 

It truly feels like a time of new beginnings! 

The gorgeous wedding bands I wear daily feel more and more alive. There's something pretty wonderful about the rough diamond, held in a ravens claw, and the great energies it emits. 

Talking of energy.... once his lead is off, Apollo has been pretty excited about all the little creatures waking from hibernation too... 

Luckily, he's not a livestock chaser, he'll watch the sheep in the field, and they'll watch him, but his prey drive with herds is minimal. Perhaps it's a combination of our training him to leave, and his own pretty great instincts... 

In all honesty, it may simply be that he's pretty content chasing his one favourite thing instead...

Tennis balls! 

Doing very little for almost two weeks, his appetite shrunk and he pined for long walks and bike rides on his favourite tracks... but back on his feet his appetite has picked up again and we're loading him up with treats and extra food to get a little weight back on. 

...the poor guy needs it, weight is the only thing he's got on Aura. The only way he can win anything with her is to either squash her or side swipe her with his body, she rules on speed, agility and pure tenacity. 

...what's that saying?

Like owner like dog... 

Okay maybe Aura's more like me, Apollo isn't all that bothered with hijinks. 

Infact, he's boarderline disapproving!