Dozens and Dozens of Vizslas...

Pre Apollo, Sundays would be spent lazily grazing through French Toast, and more French Toast, and even more... you got it... French Toast.  

Late morning we would shuffle into life, sip some coffee and head out for a wander. 

Sometimes chores would be on the todo list, other times, a long walk, a climbing session, or some DIY around the loft. 

Now, post Apollo, they're spent walking with k9 buddies.

We try to make as many Viz Whizz's and meet ups as we can. Apollo is infactuated with the Pretty Pointers, two fantastic Vizslas who really give him a run for his money. As we jumped out the car at the latest meet, Apollo spotted his two buddies and barked to introduce himself. 

There were another two dozen or so Vizsla's in the same park. They all raced to greet one another. 

Apollo found a mini me - a 16 week old puppy with a coordinated blue collar. 

Then, he instigated play with a new Viz buddy, running rings around the crowd of humans. 

We ambled our way through the hills, chatting amongst each other as our pets bowled one another over in play "oh I'm so sorry" "he has no spatial awareness" "watch your knees."

He ran happy, tail wagging with enthusiasm. 

He barked over to gather his buddies, establishing his place in the pack. 

Then rehydrating/wallowing afterwards. 

The Pretty Pointers owner James collated a load of photographs into a highlights reel - have a watch of the below!