Early Fog

We set the alarm an hour early. As we crept through in the dark to wake Apollo, he barked on alarm. Then he saw that it was Andrew and I, and barked some more as if to say "what the hell, guys, it's still dark." 

Temperatures have been falling and it was pretty chilly out. We squeezed Apollo into his down jacket, now more of a cropped vest than a jacket on him (just five months ago it was huge on him when we were in the Lake District for a week). 

Reluctantly, he left the loft, and his duvet. 

The fog was thick, covering the ground like a soft layer of candy floss. Out in the distance, only 5 miles away, Birmingham peeked through the haze. 

We looked out, holding our breaths and we took in the beauty around us. 

Then, the shivers kicked in and we got a move on. 

Dodging past the icy dewy spiders webs... 

Pouncing into the ferns to chase scents... 

Excited by the weather, the environment, and the scents of wildlife left during the night, Apollo explored, occasionally spotting a cotton tail and alerting us to the bunnies. 

To get a taste of chase, we threw his squeaky toy. Enthused, he retrieved each time. 

With a quick pace to avoid the shivers, we wound our way through the fog. Finding ourselves doubling back after getting lost down low visibility paths. 

But enjoying the experience never the less... 

The sun was growing higher in the sky, promising warmth and brightening the way. 

As we left the woods, Apollo ran ahead chasing his nose... 

... then when he saw the car, protested "do we have to go home?" 

With his best pout and soppy eyes, we were tempted to stay out, but work called... sorry Buddy...