We get out every night for around an hour of running and play. My evenings at the moment are spent outside, in the forests, in the fields, instead of simply being in nature, it feels as though I'm participating in it. 

Despite unrelenting walks, I've not pulled myself up a climbing wall, or lost an hour to weights in the gym in months

My body has lost the muscle, instead of little bulges of biceps, deltoids, they are small and lean. Every so often we try to run an hour with the pup, but we can't, his bones are still developing and any damage done now will hinder him for life. So, we pop the lead on, and amble then run, where possible, we swim, or pick up a brisk pace. 


He's great, he loves retrieving. When it comes to the thrill of the chase he will sit, watching, waiting perfectly... 

Upon release of a ball or dummy, he will wait... and wait... until you shout "fetch" when he will sprint off and sniff out his prize. 

Happily, he then runs loops, tongue out, laughing with joy! 

We walked through Sutton Park on the outskirts of Birmingham, chasing the sun through the bracken, we reached a high point. 

Then just stood as the light danced, dipping and changing.

The yellow hues, the golden dusk, it was all breathtaking, so beautiful. 

I turned my back to the light and made my way along the hedgerows...

Avoiding the spikes but searching for my favourite summer fruit...  

Summer walks in the English countryside are like an all you can eat buffet.

The blackberry bushes overflow with fruits and I cannot resist indulging in fresh pickings. 

^^^^^ mmmm! These were so deliciously sweet! 

As I chomped, we stood atop the hill watching the sun dip down. I checked my watch, it had barely gone 8pm. The days are growing shorter, even though the remains of summer still offer warmth and sunshine, it feels as though winter is pending. 

Apollo seems in tune to the changing weather, I forget sometimes that he is still such a young little guy. His strength and height are deceptive at times, still he has just turned 6months old and this will be his first winter. 

Birds call to each other, preparing their journeys south for the winter. 

Apollo watches flocks lift into the sky, you can see his thoughts, his wonderment at it all. Or perhaps I'm too romantic, perhaps he just wants to chase and fetch the birds as his intuition begs. 

I stand, in awe of the colours, the beauty of it all. As a moment-collector, light through the lens means everything to me, and on nights like this - magic hour - the world just appears still and beautiful. 

Before darkness enveloped us, we returned to the car, we can't live like nomads outdoors all the time...