Boxing Vizsla

After some frustrations with car travel and the pup, we got him a 3 peaks body harness and seat belt attachment. Since then, things have been a whole lot easier - apart from the occasional tongue into the ear from the back seat as he reminds us he's still there. 

We headed to Shustoke lake where we picked up some speed and looped the mass of water. 

With these two occasionally stopping as I caught up after snapping happy... 

Apollo is only 5 months old now, and he's a genius alot of the time, but sometimes he gets far too excited meeting a new dog. He boxes! I never realised Vizsla's boxed - he gets onto his hind legs and trows punches with his front paws. Which normally instigates either an argument or intense play time with other dogs. So he goes onto his long lead when we're passing groups of people and dogs. 

But most of the time during our walk, it was lovely and quiet - giving him a fantastic off lead run. 

As you descend the bank of the reservoir, there are layers and layers of shrubs. 

But if you look out, you'll find gaps where badgers and foxes tread down to the stream. 

Down we went, ducking into the dense vegetation. 

The little stream is shallow and trickles gently... 

Until splash! 

The pup ambles, following his nose and chasing scents. 

Every now and then, I love hiding away from him behind trees! 

if you peep around at him, you'll see his brain go from ooh it smells like rabbit around here to okay what does that Human smell like again, let's remember that scent

We had been out around an hour, and with temperatures still high it was time to rest his little legs.