Into the Woodlands

With winter pending the light seems to hang low, nearer the horizon, for so much longer each day. 

Soon this little Island will be in darkness for longer, with short days and long nights. 

For now though, we're just enjoying the longer golden hours. Apollo and Aura chase leaves as they fall and sniff the trails with utter excitement... 

Apollo held a steady stance while the leaves rustled... 

We wind our way along the paths and trails, finding little dens as we go... 

The leaves rustle above occasionally, often it's a squirrel or bird, the dogs listen attentively... 

To gain a better vantage, Apollo finds any opportunity to gain height, this time, an opening in a tree trunk will do. 

He peers around with intent. 

Aura quickly follows, shooing him from his spot. 

Come! I call and we continue our journey. 

Through the trees with a thick canopy above still. 

Signs of the lingering summer are still evident, the thick green leaves above practically shouting that the weather is still mild enough to photosynthesize. 

Often Apollo leads the trails, Aura dips off into the trees following her nose, zig zagging. 

He is by far the retriever and she the hunter. 

Without hesitation Aura leapt up onto the log. 

She walked along, balancing with cat0like agility, stopping to listen to the rustle of a sparrow in the trees. 

Apollo listened with intent too, watching Aura walk the trunk. 

Then, he started his pre pounce stance... 

Uh, Apollo, don't even try... 

We popped them back on lead, and made our way home.