Summer Storms

Taking Apollo and Aura out into the fields is one of our favourite ways to spend the evening. 

The two of them have no interest in anything else, except for one another. 

They chase one another, they play, they box. When Apollo gets out of line and runs loops around Aura she barks commands at him, shouting and making him tow the line. 

Sometimes she tries to play silly, and attempts to run loops around him. 

Or sometimes she gets distracted, then he stands starring at her. 

On this walk, she sniffed around the rabbit warrens, intent on discovering what lived below the ground. 

Patiently, we waited for a few moments. 

She was focused and had no interest in breaking her concentration. "Aura Come!" 

Eventually she lost interest and came running as the sky opened to a heavy downpour of summer rain. 

We jogged towards the woods for a little shelter from the heavy rainfall. 

Apollo, dampened by the rain, sat patiently begging for a ball throw. 

Andrew pulled the ball from his pocket... 

... Launched it... 

... and Aura quickly look flight... 

There's that saying Water always finds the path of least resistance, well Aura, she doesn't care about resistance. If she wants the ball, she will get the ball. 

Despite the pouring rain, she won't give up her prize for anything. 

When you hear the two of them return a retrieve, you'd think they're about to launch into a full fight, but I'm starting to think that they actually enjoy the tug of war. 

It takes a command with intent "Aura. Drop." and she will relinquish.

She will reluctantly give up and drop the ball. While Vizsla's are hunters, pointers and retrievers Apollo has much more retriever in him, while Aura, she's just a blood thirsty hunter. 

They wait with hope as Andrew puts the ball back in his pocket. 

Soaking wet it's time to head home. 

The rain doesn't stop, it gets heavier. 

Summer is here and the storms are in force.