Cupid Collars

While planning our ceremony there was something we absolutely weren't going to compromise on - the dogs. Aura and Apollo were absolutely going to be a part of the celebrations, and then, when we found out that my Aunt was bringing her Cavachon Tuppence along too, we were thrilled! 

I had been following Cupid Collars on Instagram for ages, loving every beautiful creation. So, after a whole lot of choices, we bought a blue garden party collar for Tuppence and a pastel pink rose collar for Aura. 

The girls looked fan.tas.tic 

Aura, muscular in her short coat rocked the look... 

She was extremely well behaved and was not once tempted to try to eat hers. 

Tuppence lay in the shade, watching her canine cousins run playing. 

They looked utterly beautiful - if you've got an event on and you're bringing your fur babies along - I couldn't recommend these enough!