They're watching us

With winter storms bringing wind, rain and icy temperatures, we've been wrapping up Apollo in his weatherproof Gillet when out walking. 

He loves his jacket and will bring it to my feet as a hint for a walk. If I don't get the hint, he'll potter off in a huff and then drop his lead at my feet. At times, I'm not sure who's the master. 

Anyway, wrapped up, we headed out. 

Winding our way along the path he stopped to greet a new friend. At first, Apollo wasn't sure how to react to this "big dog."

Slowly and poised, he approached, attempting to sniff the creature but still a little cautious. 

He held his point while the horse nibbled grass outside of it's paddock. 

Within just a few nibbles, another approached. 

It's long wirey mane swishing in the cool breeze. 

We patted their heads and said our goodbyes before dipping into the avenues of trees, bare from a blustery autumn. 

At the end of the path we came across another field. 

Here Apollo met a heard of lovely cows. Curiously they watched him watching them. 

Both standing still waiting for the other to make a move. 

No aggression was shown, just one animal communicating to another. 

After a while, another cow stood in turn to say hello the puppy. 

Apollo's head tilted from side to side as he tried to make sense of them. 

They each eyed him, as if to simply greet, and then return to their tasks. 

The Pup watched, a part of him wanting to play, another part airing on the side of caution. 

After a while they lost their enthusiasm and wandered off, back to their to-do lists - you know, eating, wandering, eating.