Vizsla Apollo - 6 Months Later!

Hi Guys, Apollo here. It's been half a year now since I've had these two humans, and I thought I'd share some lessons learnt along the way. 

Put your paws up, grab a (doggy) biscuit, and lets have a chat. 

Okay, you need to know a bit about the two humans first. Mama spends a large chunk of the day with me, but she's always typing away on her laptop. Papa leaves in the mornings and returns in the afternoons, he play fights with me for around half an hour to an hour every night. Mama forgets alot of things, and she sometimes forgets to watch me and I find delicious treasures in the bin. Papa on the other hand, you can't pull the wool over his eyes. 

Lessons Learnt raising these two humans: 

- They get really grumpy when hungry, sometimes if the evening walks take too long, they end up angry until we stop outside a takeaway. 

- Neither of them do particularly well with my RAW diet. They freak out when they have a bag of fresh delicious smelling goodies from the butchers. Never give them chicken to prepare, they freak.out

- They need two walks a day, a short one in the morning and longer one in the evening. 

- On the weekend, if they leave me late in the evening, you can guarantee that they'll come home late and end up passing out without locking me in my crate... which means... bedddd time! 

- They leave their shoes everywhere around the house, and if you try to help out and carry them back to where they belong... they get angry. 

Check out the video I made with Mama... 

What d'ya reckon? 

Conversations with Mama normally go along these lines: 

Me: What's that? 

Mama: It's my gorgeous new pair of shoes, look at them, they're so beautifully designed, they are sooo comfy, they make me five inches taller... oh my gosh I love them... // blah blah blah 

Me: okay that's boring, I'm going to go find Larry the Lamb

Me: Hey, are you sleeping? 

Mama: Yes 

Me: Oh, okay, let me use my punching paws to make you more comfortable // punch punch punch

Mama: Fine, I'll get up now and sort your food out.

Me: Ooh warm patch in the bed! Okay I'm going to sleep now. 

Mama: FOOD! 

Me: Oh what kind of food?! 

Mama: Organic lamb. 

Me: Nah I don't want it - what you having? 

Mama: Oats.


Mama: No. LEAVE. NO BEGGING. Here's your food. TAKE. 


Mama: oh, fine, I'll open for you, just wait a minute. Siiiit. Apollo, sit. 

Me: Okay okay okay okay the floor is cold though. 

Mama: Good Boy, off you go. 

Me: Too late, it's gone. You took too long messing around with the door. 

Conversations with Papa normally look like this: 

Me: PAPA you're all sweaty. Let me clean your face. 

Papa: What have you been eating? Your breath stinks.

Me: Oh, I've just had a big bowl of fresh tripe, it was so good!

Mama: Urgh, he's just had tripe babe. 

Papa: AHH, get off. // runs into the bathroom to shower. 

Papa: Okay all clean, come for a cuddle. 

Me: Oooh Vizsla shower! You've still got a load of water in your beard - let me help. 

Papa: No! no! Get off! 

Me: Okay can you throw my tug rope? 

Papa: Just once, then you need to calmmmm down. 

Me: Yay tug!!! I got it! Here Papa, you take it. Okay now throw. 

Papa: Okay one last time. 

Me: Yay tug!!! I got it! Papa, again. 

Papa: Apollo, you need to calm down now. 

Me: Ooh what's this? // slurp 

Papa: No! Apollo! Get off that! Babbbe he's just licked my beer. 

Mama: Apollo! Did you lick your Papa's beer? 

Me: Uh, no... okay I'm sleepy now. 

The two of them have their quirks, they're a handful at times, but, I wouldn't change them. 

Actually I might change Mama, sometimes when she thinks I'm too cute, she punishes me by biting my ears... 

But... I guess that's not complete animal abuse right?