Progress Update // Bedroom, Victorian Terrace Renovation

It's been a few weeks now. 

Village life couldn't be further away from the city centre just weeks back. 

We knew there was a lot of work on the cards for us. For the first week we lived downstairs while we renovated the upstairs. 

Accidentally, while stripping wall paper with family and friends we got a little ahead of ourselves and the plasterboard walls came crashing down. Leaving exposed brick and wooden beams amid the dust... 

Next up was the woodworm treatment. 

There was a whole lotta woodworm to be treated. 

To enable the treatment we had to pull up enough floor boards to make it completely accessible for a full dowsing of insecticide. 

This current work may be very temporary, infact it may only be for around 8-12months. We have a few ideas regarding loft extensions and rationalising the existing downstairs extension. So one of the key points was to ensure that we didn't go to town on the work, only make it livable for now. 

Thus this was coined the Phase 1 work. 

A huge part of me really wanted to keep the exposed wooden floor boards. Andy's parents joined us just after moving and their help was beyond anything I could have ever done in the time. Papa Murf walked me through keeping the floor boards and iterated the work required to get them up to a livable standard. The spinters for one would have required alot of sanding and hiring extra equipment to really smooth them over. The house is small and contained, but the cold would be much more noticable without some layer of carpeting. Then there came the spiders... 

Within the space of 15minutes I had ordered woolen carpets online for next day delivery. 

Then came the replastering, alot of it was required to skim and prepare the walls...

We wanted to keep the exposed brick, of course - I loved it in the loft, so it was sealed using a PVA solution. This way the dust coming from the old brickwork would be significantly reduced. 

Then came the painting, the mould treatment where needed, the carpets were layed and slowly... 

A small part of life is returning to normal... 

^^ it looks just like it did in the loft! 

The two upstairs rooms are now complete and habitable, the back bedroom is now set up into a living room while we continue with the work downstairs. 

I'm on the hunt for new furniture - but it's a slow and curated process. 

The views out into the village are worlds away from that of the city. The little thatched cottages and rows of victorian and tudor homes are utterly chocolate box. 

Apollo and Aura stand at the window peering out, then they wait for the morning sun to fall on the bed, where they take their chances and bask in the sunlight. 

Instead of a wardrobe we've got open shelving and hanging space. 

Much to the dogs dismay I have unboxed some of my african statues, this very old Dogon piece has been caught between Auras teeth on more than one occasion... 

That's the progress so far, right now we're underway onboaring an Architect to draw up plans and take us through the planning process. It's going to be a long few months ahead, but life is feeling settled and routines are starting to fall into place. I'll share the progress updates as we go along, but it may be quite a drawn out process.