Garden salad

Meals almost entirely from the small garden are by far my favourite. 

Things are looking good in the urban garden at the moment. I popped up to one of neighbours who lives above us in the old factory, and looking down into my courtyard I was overwhelmed by all the gre

I popped outside after a light morning shower had passed. The nasturtiums have taken over, they are everywhere. Earlier in the year I dropped in a few seeds in different pots with the intention of using them as campions to some of the other vegetables. 

The nasturtiums creep and grow along any free and available space. As a kid, I loved collecting dew from nasturtium leaves, the peppery taste is still one of my favourites. 

Then there are all the horseradish plants which I used in this recipe last month. The leaves are growing tall and strong - the roots equally as delicious. 

So I harvested a few leaves, nasturtium leaves and flowers (because you can eat those pretty flowers!), some fresh tomatoes and a handful of fresh rocket. 

I love edible flowers! Nasturtiums are gorgeous in salads and add a dash of colour. 

With a little garden bounty, I got a pot of quinoa on the boil. 

Grabbed the fresh pickings, 

... and gave it all a good wash. I don't use any pesticides in the garden, the soil is organic, but I can't guarantee that the city centre pigeons haven't had a walk around. So I always play it safe. 

Then I shred the horseradish leaves. 

I drain the quinoa, and let it cool for a few minutes. Then arrange and serve! 

Fresh from the garden! Delicious!