Garden Pasta

A delicious pasta dish almost entirely from my small city centre terrace... 

I popped into the garden to see what fruit and vegetables are ready for harvesting. 

The tomato plants look fantastic - they are growing strong. 

There are two other plants remaining, this one had a good vine which I picked. Despite the fruit being green, they'll soon turn ready for eating. 

The peppers are looking so strong - this one, despite a few imperfections and its funny shape, was ripe for the picking. 

Parsley has been growing in any available space - I threw out some seeds a few weeks back and they're doing great! So I picked a good bunch - most days I finely chop some leaves over Apollo's food because it leaves (gettit!) him with a fresh breath. 

The nasturtiums are growing relentlessly in pots around the terrace and in the vertical pallet gardens. I've been using the leaves and flowers in salads recently - which I think has made them grow even more! 

I love the peppery taste of the leaves so any excuse to use them in recipes!

... in all, a pretty great bounty! 

I've been looking at the thick green leaves which the tomato plants have brought with them this summer, wondering what to fill the vacant spaces with later this month as they die back. 

Looking at the leaves I thought what a waste to just compost the leaves and loose them. So I had a search around and after reading through the post on Tomato Leaf Toxicity on Garden Betty (a blog I love), I concluded that three leaves in a sauce would not kill me. So I picked the loveliest looking fresh leaves - the plants have been entirely organically grown and bar the air pollutants from the city centre location, I wasn't too worried. 

However, the tomatoes remained very green and are now on the windowsill slowly turning from green into luscious yellow and red hues. 

In need of a few more ingredients, I found some delicious Procuitto ham which we had picked up from the local grocer, and a single organic onion. 

We've been travelling alot and the fridge is pretty bare, luckily we had a small pice of cheddar cheese and some organic tomatoes - along with other random leftovers! 

As a cupboard staple, I've always got a stock of gluten free pastas - like this Fusilli from Waitrose, and the most delicious Olive Oil I've ever tasted from Fattoria La Vialla (Check them out - it's an organic farm in the Italian valleys. 

Lazily, I chopped the Procuitto, Cheese, Parsley, Tomato Leaves, Green Pepper, Nasturtium Leaves in the Breville Hand Blender which has been the best £20 spent... about 4 years ago!

With the onion and chilli fruit finely sliced I gently sauted them on a low heat with a drizzle of olive oil. 

Whatever pasta you choose, whether gluten free or wholemeal, or good old fashioned Italian wheat pasta, follow the cooking guidelines - psst... double up the portions for leftovers tomorrow - cold pasta is not only a tasty lunch but it also has some pretty good nutritional benefits

Strain and rinse the pasta, then add in another drop of olive oil and flash simmer it with the tomatoes for a a minute or two until the tomatoes soften slightly. 

IMG_8327 1000.jpg

Then, mix it all up... 

Pop open some chilled wine and serve! 

Mmmm.... Bellissimo! 

Oh, and you know that extra Pasta you cooked up? Well once it's cooled, add in some of your sauce and that's tomorrow's lunch sorted!