Adventure Ready

We packed up the car early and left the city, Apollo and Aura were tired, not used to early mornings. 

Some of the words I live by is to always remain adventure ready. From my early teens, visiting my grandparents vast farm in South Africa, there would be a few options to while away the days - stay inside at the farmhouse or learn to drive the large quadbikes and twin cab pickup trucks and explore the farm.

Obviously I chose the latter option at any available opportunity. 

So, to say I have a natural thing for four wheel drive locks and dirt tracks is an understatement. 

I drove deep into the woods on a farm track - accessible for 4WD cars, always check though! Tearing up private tracks or scaring livestock is a prosecutable offence in the UK. 

We found a gorgeous spot just beneath a hill with tight hairpin turns and steep drops - sheer biking heaven for Andrew. 

While he unpacked the bikes, I let the dogs out to stretch their legs and follow their noses. 

Aura loves deep ferns, she leaps over the fernline and has the funniest little face of concentration as she does! 

Apollo on the other hand knew what was up as he looked up onto the trails... 

Layered up, I walked Aura to heel along the track up ahead

Andrew and Apollo cycled off ahead, past the little streams and started the hard climb up a single track...

Then, down they came! 

Apollo leading the way and charging down with a huge smile on his face! 

A quick break and reward for the excellent obedience... 

...then back on the bikes and up the firetrack, this time with both dogs on heel... 

... eh herm, Apollo, heel

...and back down again! What happy little faces! 

With Aura being so young, her little bones are still fusing into her joints, and by overwalking them at a young age you can have serious impacts on them later in life. So, we kept her run short, took a breather and enjoyed the quiet moments in the forest... 

...and headed back to the city...