Inside the Rudloe Arms, Chorsham, Wiltshire

A quick call and Google Earth screen share and we had a plan sorted. A few days later we dropped the pups at their favourite home away from home and hit the road towards the West Country. 

Andy had spent a long time living in Gloucestershire as a child and utterly loves heading back that way. All of a sudden as soon as we pass the county boarder his accent descends towards something Bristolian. 

Anyway, we had our West Country fam to catchup with. We had found a spot at Marco Pierre White's Rudloe Arms, infact I was so quick to book our rooms that it didn't even register that it was a MPW hotel under we quite literally walked into his son and put two and two together... 

It would have been obvious from the entrance signage but as always I was too engulfed in animated conversation to pay any attention to my surroundings....

Anyway, we checked in, dropped our bags... 

Hung up our jackets... 

...and sought afternoon G&T's in the maze of beautiful rooms. 

The layers and layers of eclectic finds, artwork, photographs, taxidermy enticed my inner hoarder. Infact combined with the decor it's practically a physical representation of in the inner workings of my mind. 

The afternoon showering through the beautiful old windows, we wandered, unpicking photographs and pop-quizzing our way through the who the subjects were. Top tip, Katie Alice has a fantastic wealth of pop culture information, she's a pub quiz gem to have onboard. 

We wound our way through the rooms, popping into the bar to leave our order. 

Then following the corridor around to the restaurant where we'd meet up a little later. 

We chose a table then a few hours later returned for dinner. Far too excited and engulfed in laughter, wine, inappropriate business venture optioneering, and simply having a wonderful time, I flat out forgot to capture the experience. 

We ate and drunk and catted into the night, planned next adventures and great times ahead. Hours later we looked up to find an empty restaurant and the wonderful staff quietly clearing up around us. It was utterly perfect, wonderful moments with the best humans I could possibly imagine... oh and the Chateaubriand was excellent!