Glentress Walking

After a day out on the bike trails the day before, we stretched the legs in the Glentress Forest. We had spent the evening back at the cottage, curled up with a roaring fire, delicious wine, and a few good reads. Apollo shook into life and unashamedly brought us his lead. 

We parked up and headed into the depths of the forest. 

I wore my favourite panama, layered with a woollen scarf and Bottle Watch. 

Makeup free and without a good morning coffee, we ambled amongst the trees. Walking in the quiet morning, it felt so serene. 


A crackle of leaves every now and then disturbed the silence like a cacophony. Apollo, on alert, would point at the source of the noise. 

The golden autumn leaves fell slowly as gentle breezes passed through the trees. We wound our way along the paths, stopping every now and then to wait for Apollo to return from a chase after illusive squirrels. 

Winter light cast shadows between the trees, with sunshine breaking every now and then. 

As we found a clearing we practiced "Up" with Apollo. He struck a pose, waiting patiently as we photographed him. 

Wet from the morning dew in the shrubs and ferns, he struck another pose, stoically staring at us while we fumbled for the camera. 

Checking the time, we realised we'd been out in the woodland for over two hours, we were hungry and ready for a coffee.