Glentress Biking

Apollo is slowly discovering the joys of biking. We figured the best way to introduce him to the new sport would be to start as we meant to go on. 

On a whim, as many of our decisions are, we packed up the car. En route northwards I checked Air BnB, we found the most beautiful secluded cottage in the Scottish Boarders. 

Before we knew it, hours had passed, the dog fast asleep on the back seat while the Mr and I chatted away over endless hours. 

Our first stop was Glentress Forest, one of the 7 Stanes areas for pretty awesome mountain biking. 

We picked up some bikes for a few hours, and started Apollo on running alongside us. 

He took to it like a duck on water. We quickly taught him "left!" encouraging him to heel to our left. 

It took a few tries, we also spent the first five minutes shouting alot of "move!" commands. He quickly learnt and kept at pace in front of us without stopping. 

Deep in the forests with constant drizzling precipitation, I wore merino with a Rab microlight and goretex shell. 

Once we dropped the bikes back, we headed back into the forest for another short walk.

We wound our way through the forest, following narrow paths.

Rain trickled through the dense vegetation above us. 

While Atumn leaves gentley descended down to the ground.  

Apollo eagerly chased scents, following his nose and listening out for any sound which might be a squirrel. 

After a short stroll we looped back towards our little home for the next few days.