Lancaster Musings

Over the last few years I've really fallen in love with Lancaster. I have a weakness for the gorgeous stone buildings, the organic food markets, the proximity to the wilderness of Northern England. 

With wind and gales battering this little isle of ours, we wrapped up to face Abigail... Gettit... A Big-Gale!  

The British Met Office has started naming large storms, starting with this one.  My jokes though went poorly received with this frown ^^^ 

Undefeated, we layered up in search of coffee.   

I shared this selfie on Instagram, en route to coffee and breakfast during a break in the storm clouds, sunshine gushed down. 

It seemed like a little too much for breakfast - you know that Coco Chanel saying... always take one piece off. 

So the glasses came off. 

If you've read these pages through the years, you'll know how much I adore this jacket. 

I'm a rubbish FBlogger because I've worn it in so many posts - but I love it so much. There's more of it here here here and here

After winding our way through the buildings and architecture, we arrived at my favourite location. With winds howling and torrential rain falling, we sought refuge in JAtkinson's The Hall

There was no rush, we weren't going anywhere fast. Instead, we made ourselves comfortable in a little booth, and watched the world. 

The drinks choice was obvious, but I thumbed through the menu anyway. 

I wanted a single origin syphon coffee... I had Columbian, Andrew had Ethiopian. 

We sipped, chatting away, sharing a little flapjack. 

The world moved slowly as the windows rattled with howling winds. 

We were tempted into another round, well, there was no rush after all...