Sunrise at Castlerigg, Lake District

Naturally the mornings don't ever come easy, but with two dogs with a whole lot of energy, lie-ins have been sacrificed for early morning walks and brisk runs.

...which is probably a good thing, or at least it is after a freshly ground pot of coffee. 

While in the Lake District Apollo was desperate to get out at sunrise. 

So, boots on, hair up and off we made our way to Castlerigg's stone circle. 

This circle of carefully placed stones dates back to the Neolithic stone age when our ancestors were creating arrows and weapons from stones... and stone circles. 

It sits on a high point, looking out to the hill peaks all around. 

In the early morning misty light it feels eerier than ever, it is easy to imagine our ancestors, gathering around, starting fires, wrapping themselves in hides and home woven blankets. 

...gathering around the stones to look out onto the hills, watch the weather, and make plans for the day ahead. 

Almost 10,000 years later, I do the same as I wonder between the large stones and boulders. Thinking about the day ahead, planning the next route. 

Looking out onto the hills, the early morning air feels calm yet moody. 

The thing about travel in the UK is that the weather can ruin a day - unless you're a little prepared with warm layers.  

There have been a few hairy occasions in the past high on the mountains which could have ended very differently... but it's easy to feel complacent when the views look this beautiful out towards the horizon. 

Barefaced and in technical layers we leave the dogs to run with one another, exploring new scents, so different from the city center that they're used to. 

Cautiously a few new faces watch us from the neighboring field. In the UK it is perfectly within a farmers rights to take arms to a dog causing distress to their cattle, so we actively train ours to leave. Otherwise we pop them on leads and walk to heel. 

The sun starts to peek through the morning clouds, Apollo and Aura pant over to us... it's time to give them a rest and find a good coffee...