Hest Bank Beach, Lancashire

Managing two hunting dogs energy is one thing, managing four is just madness! 

With rain steadily falling we grabbed the waterproofs and leads. Just along the west coast before the Lake District lies Hest Bank with a huge sprawling beach which opens up during low tide. 

On clear days you can see the lake district peaks from the beach. 

We hadn't come for the views though, with pups and toddlers full of energy we raced around the beach playing fetch with our four legged friends and filling our pockets with shells and rocks collected from the beach. 

Aura watch her two younger brothers, when they escalate play into play fighting she often intervenes, racing up to them and shouting. 

We walked, chatting, catching up and as always planning the next getaway... luckily for Charl and I ours is Indonesia in the next few days! 

Apollo, uninterested in puppy play, just wanted ball throws. He would bring his, drop it at our feet and prepare for the fetch. 

Soon though, all the Vizsla's joined in, racing alongside him to find the prize...

With noses twitching in search mode they raced around the beach... 

...the puppies loved stealing the ball, being the first to return with it. 

...Leaving Apollo in a strop because it's his ball, and at heart he is a one dog household kinda guy. 

Exhausted, soaking and utterly content, we made our way back to the cars. 

Peering back for one last view before the heavens opened to afternoon storms. 

...Giving us a perfect opportunity to pop the kettle on, stoke the fire and air a bottle of red.