Blustery Vibes

More storms are rolling in, making landfall and subjecting this little island to a battering. Outdoor essentials include layers of woollen accessories and flood ready boots. 

Cumbria and Lancashire have really seen the worst of recent storms and with Eva on her way, it's just going to get worse. 

Andrew, myself and the two Vizsla's spend a whole lot of time in transit, tempted northwards to more aggressive landscapes.

As a result, my wardrobe has evolved to include preparedness items which can see out any situation. 

Robust boots and durable layers seem the best combination. 

Layers of headwear and quilted jackets make life feel pretty snug. 

We had been out finishing chores and swung into Lancaster for a coffee and a light spot of Sales Shopping. 

I always gush about my love for Lancaster. Almost a decade ago I first visited the city when one of my best girls Wills moved to study at the City's University. Since then, not a year's gone by that I haven't been. 

For me, the architecture is awesome, I love the gorgeous brick.  

The old buildings are so enticing, they're beautiful. 

I could relocate into one of the towers in an instant! 

Or for me, this little blue door on Castle Hill has always been a favourite. 

For now though, I'll just keep dreaming... 

... and regularly checking Rightmove or Zoopla...