Symondsbury Kitchen, Dorset

With two high energy dogs and the onset of the hanger, it was time to source a good bite to eat and get them out for a walk. 

Just outside of the town of Bridport in Dorset is a gorgeous chocolate box village called Symondsbury, the large family estate has undergone a lot of renovation and work on it over the last few years and the result is a perfect hub where you can stay, eat, shop and roam. 

First though, let's talk about Symondsbury Kitchen... It has a beautiful courtyard and outdoor seating - perfect for the dogs. 

From there, Colmers hill can be seen from between the buildings. It's a local landmark, a tall hill amoungst the flat landscape with a small cluster of trees on the top. It's where the local villages burried the plague victims and some say at night you can hear the cries from the suffering souls... 

Ooh creepy, okay back to lunch... 

I wanted cream tea and prosecco, so, I ordered cream tea and prosecco... 

Excited to enjoy a warm freshly baked scone layered with thick heavenly clotted cream, my excitement was interrupted. 

"You're not going to put the cream on first are you?"


Then, the argument erupted. 

Different members of my family chiming in with what is the right and wrong way to layer your cream tea - it's a very serious argument. 

My method, of course, is correct - cream then jam. 

Apollo seemed okay with it too... 

Bellies full, smiles and giggles galore, we made our way back to the car. From the estate there is a marked out bike trail which does an 8 mile loop around the estate. 

So, we geared up, jumped on the bikes and burnt off the voluminous lunch!