To the sea

We love exposing the dog to new environments. 

There's something blissful and wonderful about the coast. Life as a fisherman would be a pretty perfect existence, I wish for the day I buy a boat and leave life to spend my days on the water. 

The South Coast, the rugged landscape, the breaking waves, the tough currents, all culminate into the perfect landscape. 

With the crashing of the waves, the screech of gulls and crows, the crunch of pebbles under foot, we raced our way along the shoreline. 

We stopped to catch our breaths, the dog panting from excitement. 

The wind rolling across the channel was so intense. 

The fresh sea air, my Grandmother would always tell me, is the best medicine you can take. 

Which is kinda true, it leaves you feeling exhilarated after a few breaths. 

The mist from the sea hovered around the hills of Portland. 

Subtly disguising their peaks. 

The colour of the water a muted blue, almost tropical in the low light. Deceptive as well, it looks inviting, but is ice cold. 

We watched the waves crash down as they broke on the sea shelf just off shore. 

Pulling away the stones with each wave it sounded like a cacophony. The beauty and stillness of the landscape was far too surreal.

We sat, breathing in our silence, and took in the world around. 

Until Apollo appeared, shivering and cold from the winds. It was time to get the heating on in the car and warm him up. 

For now, coast, goodbye.