Design Inspiration from the Honeymoon Suite, Leipzig Country House, Nuy Valley, South Africa

For our few days at Leipzig I couldn't resist the honeymoon suite, a charming rustic series of rooms in the old distillery. It was a wonderful social space and so sweetly designed.

Our nights at Leipzig were spent in darkness as regional power was lost due to damages to the grid after heavy storms. On our last night Cici slept on the sofa in the large living area because none of us were completely comfortable so isolated after the Leipzig staff told us about the recent farm murders! Needless to say we were all okay, just on higher alert, the same kind of alert when we used to stay with my grandparents on their rural farm in Kwa Zulu Natal. Like anywhere, just be alert, diligent and follow your instincts. 

Okay, less murder, back to the room! 

Dec 2017-66.jpg

The linens were utterly beautiful tones and the floor polished concrete - all design elements that we intend to incorporate on our Pointers End rebuild! Infact, I envisage this vibe and tones throughout much of the home. 

As soon as we returned home we invested our Christmas gift vouchers in wonderful linens much like these... 

Dec 2017-118.jpg

I've also always had a love hate relationship with headboards - which is why I love our penchant for exposed brickworks but this muted hue of a high board felt like it could be a winner too. 

Dec 2017-105.jpg
Dec 2017-68.jpg

Following the work on Pointers End, we'll also have a little more space in the bedrooms and we'll be able to allocate space functionally, leaving more floor space available for things like an armchair which is a major favourite feature for me in bedrooms. 

Dec 2017-70.jpg

Ahh Leipzig... please just design my home for me? 

Dec 2017-72.jpg
Dec 2017-71.jpg
Dec 2017-63.jpg