Hotel America, The Alhambra, Spain

With just a night scheduled to spend in Granada I wanted to make the most of it. I wanted a central hotel and somewhere secure to leave the car, I wanted access to the Alhambra as well as the city of Granada below. 

While searching I stumbled across the Hotel America located with in the grounds of the Alhambra itself. The hotel was as historic as the palatial gardens and buildings it was nestled between. We booked directly with the hotel and established a wonderful relationship with the excellent staff. Upon arrival the security entrance gates to the complex were notified with our details and registration and we drove the winding path up into the walled fortress itself. From there the vehicle was parked on our behalf and we explored the grounds of the hotel and checked into our room. 

For many, a luxury is a place simply rest your hat at the end of the day and the Hotel America was a wonderful inviting oasis away from the bustling tourists in the streets outside. The rooms were beautiful and decorated with paintings akin to that which you would find in a fine art gallery. The thick walls of the building retained the coolness from the midday heat out side. Our room overlooked the streets via Juliet balconies, a perfect way to people watch. 


Within the hotel the restaurant courtyard is sumptuous with greenery and the trickle of fountains and chirping of birds provided a perfect soundtrack. The restaurant itself provided an excellent yet simple menu and the staff where are utterly lovely. Over dinner the head waiter took time to teach me a few basic phrases, we laughed at my rolling of the r's and ridiculous flamboyance in gestures. We laughed and chatted so much that I completely forgot to photograph my delicious vegetarian meals that they whipped up for us and of course a Almond Tart so excellent and delicious in its homely taste that I will never forget. 


After much beer, delicious food and silent walks around the empty Alhambra we returned to our room where my mind raced with the ghost stories of this historic building. As soon as my head hit the pillow after a busy day exploring both the grounds and the city of Granada I fell into the deep restorative sleep - completely forgetting about any ghosts!

As always I woke early, opened the shutters to watch the sunrise before me. The coolness of the morning so welcoming, expectations for the day buzzing with in my mind, all within the silence of the fortress pierced only by the calls of the starling birds above. 


Soon after, the palace awoke with bustling guides and shop owners chatting en route to work, the aroma of coffee lofted through the air from the breakfast restaurant below. 

It was time to bid a heartfelt adieu to a wonderful place and start a day of adventures in the high Sierras. After a coffee and patisseries downstairs, we heard the little "vroom" of the tiny car as the valet service delivered it to the door. 


Now promise me, if you visit the Alhambra you must stay here, or at least pop into the restaurant for lunch, it truly is a gem. You can find the hotel via most of the main booking websites, or chat to the wonderful Belinda via their website and book directly