Walking Wonders

My sugar sweets,

Let me set the scene. I have a strong personality. I will be calm and graceful, but if you cross the line, I’ll warn you. If you overstep the line repeatedly, I will take action against you. Now, when it comes to family, I will bite my lip. It is not my place to say something. Now, imagine this type of personality, extreme, direct, stubborn, replicated 6 times over in large adult form.

So what better form of stress relief than a hike? Grandpa’s been driving us out a few km and dropping half a dozen or so of us out with a dog, bushknife and bottle of water. It’s an easy walk. And a great way to take your mind off bullshit.

Then, while you’re still feeling good from being out in the fresh air, pop open a few beers and loose the night. Who said families were complicated? To me that sounds pretty simple.