You gotta love 'em

After a long day with each other, we found that there was nothing nicer than all gathering around, my uncle Craig makes the best meals, wholesome. My job, just as it was when I was a little kid, was to make sure the gents were always supplied with beer or beverages. 

Under these circumstances it's not as though I've really had outfit posts in full swing, it's kinda hard with just two outfits! However, I've fallen even more in love with my leather riding boots. They're so robust. Yesterday while the guys were shooting Warthogs in the bush, a few of us hung back by the 4x4 playing in the erosion gullies. With my big boots I was able to overturn rocks safely because only a big snake could bite through them. We found a rank scorpion. 

My uncle took me fishing early one morning. Having never seen a rod in my life, I was super excited. We drove about 20minutes to a part of the farm where the river runs nice and fresh from the mountains. Beautiful. Upon getting there, -2 in Kwazulu Natal feels colder than -2 anywhere else. With the help of a bottle of diesel, we got an awesome fire going! 

Like little bush buck, non of us seemed to have a penchant to travel within a vehicle. Jumping on the open back while doing the rounds has to be one of the most exhilarating ways to start the day.

Okay, come on, with two civil's in the house, I was in my element with one of my uncles. The projects he's involved with are fantastic, I shine with so much pride knowing what he and my Daddy do on a daily basis. Had to get a load of pipeline work done. Loved it. 

This cane cutter, a labourer from Katse in Lesotho where I grew up, had the most amazing history held in his eyes....  

 Okay, with 12 of us under one roof, when my Momma says "behave yourself" it's hard not to take her seriously when she's got a bush knife!! He he he