Boer Settlement in Kwazulu Natal


So another hot day in Kwazulu Natal. The nights are something else. They get pretty darn cold. But once the sun is up, it's utterly lovely. 

My family in this part of the world descend from the original settlers to South Africa. Boers. Politics in Africa is like one big pot of trouble and there are things you just learn to accept. On the farm here, when it was purchased, there were squatters occupying a piece of it, which means that once it was bought, they had a whole string of rights to the land their ancestors come from (sound like a familiar story from Zimbabwe?). Anyway, it was utterly eerie yesterday to drive up within the farmlands, and make a trip to an original Boer settlement. Now this is getting really Eerie. There's a larger than large chance that somewhere along the line, my family would have shared the same blood as these settlers. Really eerie.