Wade in the Water

My Sweethearts,

This last week has been tough. Really tough. Yesterday, as a gentle stress relief, I asked my uncle “Do you fancy helping me out with some photographs? There’s an idea in my head I can’t get rid of.” He didn’t have any advanced warning about these silly ideas of mine. It started with us hacking our way through dry grass and bushland, the height reached.... over his 6” head. “Ja, I’m not too comfortable about the snakes in here. They’re meant to be hibernating, but I’m not sure.” Then we got down to the Mkomaz river and started moving towards a good spot. “Uh, ja, I can’t feel my feet. It’s bloody cold.” “It’ll be worth it Uncle Craig” I explain.

Now, lets just take into consideration the fact that it's a South African winter. The temperatures vary between -5 and 20c.

So the outcome...

Getting into the water in the first place is always the toughest challenge. Convincing your body that it's a good idea is always a struggle.

In ice cold mountain water, submerging your head, is quite.... I won't lie, bloody freezing!!!

Today, all the locals for miles have been talking. Telling the farmers about the crazy family who bath in the Mkomazi in winter. Everyone seems to have heard now about the river incident!

Anyway, I'm off to help on the staff drop off.

All my love