Hello my Sugar Sweets,

Well, it’s late evening and the day has been endless.

It all started at around 10am last friday. My Granny, one of the most amazing human spirits in my life, had been ill for a while, but this time had taken a bit of a turn. While at work beavering away on some great projects, I had a text from my Momma, Granny wasn’t doing well. It was 10am, we were scheduled to leave for South Africa to see her only the next wednesday. Momma explained the situation. “When can we fly?” I asked. Mum advised “I’m looking now, 5am tomorrow.” “Done.”

Left yesterday morning at 5am. Arrived in Johannesburg at 10pm after a change. Then crashed with my lovely cousins and aunt. Internal flight this afternoon, arrived at 5pm. Met my gorgeous Grandpa and Awesome Uncle, and we all headed to see Granny at the hospital.

So my darlings, my travel wardrobe is, eh herm, ever so slightly limited this time, with a very rushed pack. The priorities: 2x laptops (1 work and 1 private), 1x Ipad2, 3x gap tops, 1x northface jacket, 1x berghaus thermal layers, 1x vintage leather biker boots, 1x harem trousers, 1x cashmere gap jumper, 1x H&M lace scarf, 1x Nike trainers (love running in Africa!!!)

These are just a few moments from the last two days...

All my love