Biking with Karoo MTB Tours around the Africa Inn, Oudtshoorn, South Africa

The Africa Inn boasts some great MTB trails. It was one of the qualities which drew us to the spot - that and the wonderful pool and views! 

Gert, our excellent host got in touch with Eroll who runs Karoo MTB Tours.  Before our trip we had been in touch with Eroll to look at putting a plan together for a MTB break but group census agreed that we really wanted to be remote at the Africa Inn. So we got the best of both! Eroll arranged a couple of bikes for us and we picked them up at their beautiful B&B in town - La Pension.  Now, Gert's son is a pro South African MTB biker and has carved out fantastic trails around the land - all within their own enclosures which makes it really safe because none of the large game from the neighbouring farms can get in! 

So we picked up the bikes and headed out early... 

Dec 2017-232.jpg

The bikes were South African Momsen bikes which handled great despite our lack of cleats and usual gear. Eroll had equipped us with helmets, repair kits and fantastic bottles for water (I use mine all the time at home now!). 

Dec 2017-230.jpg
Dec 2017-254.jpg

We headed out, the sun was rising and temperatures were already low 30s. 

Dec 2017-235.jpg

Gert's trails were an utter luxury - and TOUGH! In a good way though, they forced technical focus and gave a great sense of accomplishment. He had taken time to talk us through the trails and provided a map marking out the different routes - one was a 20km loop on his land! What utter bliss!! 

Off we go! 

Dec 2017-246.jpg
Dec 2017-247.jpg
Dec 2017-244.jpg
Dec 2017-245.jpg
Dec 2017-242.jpg
Dec 2017-243.jpg
Dec 2017-238.jpg
Dec 2017-239.jpg
Dec 2017-237.jpg
Dec 2017-240.jpg
Dec 2017-241.jpg

The sun and heat haze was nearing unbearable just as we were returning back to our little home in the bush. I wondered what Cici had been up to and whether she'd maybe put together a bite to eat for lunch... 

Dec 2017-228.jpg

But she did even better... she had some cold frosty beers waiting! Perfect! 

Dec 2017-249.jpg
Dec 2017-252.jpg

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