Travelling with dogs

Not long ago, as a bit of a last minute getaway, we left the city for a few days of rest in Somerset.

With the dogs happily snoozing on the back seats, we made our way to the little village of Hatch Beauchamp. 

It wasn't long before we arrived at the doorstep of the Farthings Hotel. It's a country hotel nestled right in the middle of the village - and conveniently, next door to a thatched lodge where my Cousin, her Partner Hobbs and their sassy Cat Amber live. 

While Andrew parked up, I checked in at their bar and booked our table for later that evening. Hobbs was on his way back from the highlands after a few days climbing and so tentatively we booked for four. 

We had visited the bar on our last trip to Hatch, sipping chilled Pi-Gri on a warm summers afternoon. 

This trip though, called for a roaring fire to keep guests warm. 

As the staff arranged the keys to a garden room, I ambled through the small rooms and pokey corridors. 

Restlessly excited to catch up with my nearest and dearest over wine and dinner. 

Room keys in hand, I wound my way around, past the dinning room. 

Through the courtyard... 

And over the lawn, where I was met by these two... 

Thrilled to stretch their legs after a few hours in the car... 

I wondered if it was because I was restless with excitement, but Apollo seemed cautious, stopping every now and then to look around. 

It's an old building, I wondered perhaps if he was picking up on something... but it was as though we were being watched... 

As the sun dipped and clouds rolled in, we put the leads on Apollo and Aura ready to wipe down their feet and introduce them to our home away from home. 

When we travel with them, we try to pack light. They love Wainwrights wet sachets of food so we travel prepared with wet food and a few dry cubes. 

I have to tell you about these Dabney Lee collapsable food bowls... They're a simple and stylish design, they wash clean and can hold a sizeable volume. 

The corners attach, creating a sturdy container for food and water. 

While Aura tucked in to her dinner in the bathroom, I turned to find Apollo at the window. 

I gently called to him, but nothing, he was on point and very focused. 

"Apollo... are you okay Buddy?" I approached. 

As I neared... it was obvious... 

A Guinea fowl was antagonising him from outside the window. 

Curious, I left the dogs in the room and trotted out to see what was going on. 

The Guinea Fowl led me to a Peahen and Peacock with full seductive plumage. 

Apparently they're regulars to my cousins garden - which Amber the cat is not okay with. 

I returned to our room to calm the dogs and put them to bed while we met for dinner. 

Apollo was not happy that he couldn't source his own feathery dinner. 

But they quickly settled... 

Tired and ready for sleep, they closed their eyes ready to dream of that illusive Peacock. 

Dinner was perfect, extremely formal as we entered, laughing, talking, gossiping. But then after the first bottle of "Nerf Pap" we shrugged away any uncomfortable feelings and just went with it. 

The next morning it was blissful waking to the chatter of birds and the occasional cry of the peacock. 

We ambled out, just across the road where rolling somerset hills stretched underfoot. 

The dogs trotted with excitement, watching one another. 

Then stalking in to instigate play... 

They had a perfect morning, we returned to a fresh coffee and then breakfast. Ahh... perfect