Misty Poolside, Leipzig Country House, Nuy Valley, South Africa

Inbetween downpours we ceased the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful facilities that Leipzig have to offer.

We grabbed a beer and a few glasses of their home grown wine, of course, and headed to the pool as the clouds passed overhead to expose rays of warm African sunlight. 

Sept 2017-164-2.jpg

I'll be honest, I wasn't brave enough to swim in the pool which was topped up with cold rain water from earlier that day. Both of my late grandmothers were champion swimmers, me - not so much. I like my water warm, tropical, crystal clear. 

Sept 2017-135-2.jpg

While I got as far as dipping my toes, Cici was straight in, toasting to the recent rains. 

Sept 2017-124-2.jpg

We managed half an hour by the pool, before the restorative rains loomed over the mountains once again. Our rainy stay in Leipzig simply forced us to embrace their delicious grapes and head back to the fireside to play card games... 

... bliss! 

Sept 2017-131-2.jpg
Sept 2017-163-2.jpg