Northern Soul

Girlfriends Girlfriends Girlfriends.... So it was time to load up my wee little wagon and head up to the wonderful cities of Manchester and Leeds to see my beautiful BFF's.

First stop for DeePea, Indie Boy and I was Manchester to crash with Rockey. There is something about the post industrial terrace houses, the hardcore leather and the aweish bands that give the city life.


In our beautiful dresses and tallest heels, we chatted all night in KatieRay's skyhigh Leeds cassa then headed out to shimmy shimmy shimmy like merry little pixies.

My happiness was sealed when we did a spot of shopping and I passed an Emma Sommerset shop. As I looked at the name I wished that I had a million shillings to raid the place. As I gazed down to peer into the shop window, I was struck by "clearance, everything must go" oh gosh, another victim of the recession!


As I trotted in and pair of shoes spoke to me. They said "I will be your friends forever and make you sickeningly happy."