Sunday Brunch

Brunch is by far my favourite meal of the day. 

And pancakes are by far my favourite element of brunch, so when the toddler asked "Is Trisha and Uncle Andrew going to make us pancakes for breakfast..." I bought a first class ticket on the pancake train. Imagine that, a pancake train


We had been to The Hall twice that weekend, and a third time in two days just seemed, desperate, and weird. So after a quick google, we found that the Borough Hotel cooked up an excellent breakfast - checking the menu on our phones the decision was unanimous, we were all won over by The Borough Breakfast! 

The next morning, while the city woke, we all headed towards Dalton Square. 

Around the corner, just opposite Queen Vic' we shuffled in an uncaffinated state towards the destination. 

We'd been to the bar a few times before on a friday night - their whiskey selection is excellent and I have many a hazy memory of the place. 

But, bright eyed and bushy tailed it was a different situation entirely... 

As I saw the five year old he ran up to show me the tooth he had just lost - his first one. Then, he tucked into some pre pancake coco pops while we politely looked at the menu. 

We knew exactly what we wanted, a full breakfast with all the trimmings. 

And of course... black coffee. 

We chatted, planned our getaways, synced our calendars and lost hours in a little corner of the restaurant. 

When the food arrived the kiddos nibbled at their banana pancakes, I attempted every trick in the book to con them out of a few slices, but eventually we traded some local lancashire sausages and some extra toast. 

We dived into another round of caffeine as the city begun to bustle. We weren't quite yet ready to leave, and plus, we didn't want to leave, we were having such a fab catchup! 

Ahh... until next time!