On the banks of Ullswater

After a few busy weeks we decided on an impromptu escape out of the city.

There has been so much going on, and we have been completely on point as of late. So, we packed up the car with gear, and hit the road northwards towards the Lake District

We stayed at Waterside Farm on the banks of Ullswater, it was such a beautiful spot which we truly fell in love with. 

The clouds rolled in off the hills bringing buckets of rain and high winds. We opened the boot of the car and climbed in, Apollo got a blanket at the back and he quickly fell asleep. 

Windswept in the fading light, I attempted one last tripodless selfie... 

Then gave up and returned to the remaining Prosecco which we had picked up at Tebay services. If you find yourself travelling North on the M6 - be sure to stop at the farm shop at Tebay - they stock delicious local and artesian produce, better than stopping anywhere else and picking up a bag of crisps and limp sandwich for sure! 

We also picked up some grassfed beef steaks at Tebay - the butcher also gave us some leftover bones for Apollo, and oh my did he love it! 

As darkness fell, we sat in the boot of the estate talking for hours, with the occasional sigh from the dog. 

We looked up and watched the rain clouds clear and stars begin to shine. Outside, curled up beneath the stars, all the daily stresses seemed so small. 

Across the lake we saw the occasional glimmer of lights. The clouds rolled back in, the stars slipped away beneath a blanket of mist, we watched the lights across the lake fade. 

We woke the pup from his makeshift bed in the boot of the car "come! bed!" confused and mildly disgruntled he lay on his blanket at the feet of our sleeping bags. 

Now, I've got to tell you this, my superpower is the ability to lay my head down and pass out. I hate pillows but keep many, I love firm beds and an open window. 

Sleeping outdoors on the ground pillowless is like a year worth of deep tissue massage. 

At 6am I woke up, Apollo stood over me looking down with his tired floppy ears. He was cold, and when it comes to needing something, I'm always the one who's woken up first. 

Fine, "come on then" I unzipped the top of my sleeping bag, and in he leapt. 

I opened the tent, the rain had ceased, and the waking lake was like a deep guided meditation. 

I lay watching the water, the moving clouds, listening to the gentle lapping of the water. 

Then, after a quick walk with the pup, we shook into life. 

Any remainder of a prosecco head was soon shaken by a fresh brew of coffee made with the travel friendly aeropress. 

After some good strong coffee and grilled tomatoes, I felt a little more human. 

I sipped, and looked out onto the water. 

Normality took over, I felt content and ready to explore. 

We made another round of coffee - an excuse to remain and watch onto the water.