A gentle afternoon

I'm not sure who has the bigger affinity with lakes - me or the dog. 

After a lovely evening on the banks of Ullswater and delicious breakfast, we ambled down to the Lakeside. 

Apollo begged to play fetch, dropping sticks at our feet and staring longingly. I'd brought his dummy, a weighted floating orange sack which apparently weighs the same as a duck. We thought it could be good for him if we started on gundog training. 

Anyway, we threw it in, he swam, fetched it, then we repeated this 6/7 times. 

Until he got distracted by the boat's floating buoy. 

Then, he just sat there, in the water. 

I think he was sizing up the distance, the effort, and whether dragging back this huge faux duck would be worth it. 

Off went my shoes and layers. 

And in I went. 

It took some coaxing to make him leave the new target and return to his own. 

We shook our way to shore and doubled back to the car to get changed out of one pair of leggings and into another - lucky I overpacked

In a new clean, dry, outfit, we met up with family. 

The toddlers raced to play with Apollo, "there there there!" shouted the little one. 

We returned to the waters edge where we walked the few km along the lakeside. 

Rains came down from the hills, we watched the clouds gather at the far side of the lake then make their way closer to us. 

We picked up pace, the little one on his Papa's shoulders, and the other running with the puppy "c'mon Apollo! Stop sniffing everything!" 

With rain falling we reached the small town of Pooley Bridge where we found a little covered secret garden of a tea room. 

It was called Granny Dowbekin's and it was perfect! Typical to the Lakes, they had a dogs menu with different little treats. For his main, Apollo had some meat and black pudding. 

I went for a cream tea. 

The scone freshly baked and warm melted and softened the clotted cream, then layered with a generous portion of strawberry jam. 

We sat back, listening to stories from the kiddos and catching up. Calendars out, syncing and penciling time for one another over the next few months. 

Under the huge umbrellas we sat listening to the gentle trickle, ordering more teas, ice creams and treats while we whiled away the hours together... 

... a pretty chilled and very perfect afternoon!